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Our company activity is divided in diferent sectors and products:


-Recovered tires soles in different models and finishes, depending on the order of our customers.

For this type of soles, we only use car and motorbike tires. With this material, we manufacture the heels too, used in some shoes models.

-Textile canvas of removed tire

This tissue is extracted of tire case or textile intern structure that conventional tires have, beiing the most used to extract this canvas the farn and industrial ones.
With 2 thick layers, from 1,8 to 2,3 mm of thickness, is used like an elastic component of some models of sandal and menorquin shoes, as well as in manufacturing other type of shoe.

-Textile canvas of tire laminated

With it we produce soles made completely of canvas, in diferent thicks according the requests of our customers.

-Textile canvas of lateral of farm tyres and laminated industry

Is obtained from laterals of this type of tires, and is laminated in different thicks. It's used for soles and other shoes components.

-Laminated rubber plates

There are plates without tissue, only rubber, obtained from industrial tires. There are produced on 15 cm width and different thicks. There are used for soles, half-soles and wheels.


- Tiracort

Is an elastic strip for chars and sofas suspension. It's produced in widths between 40 mm and 60mm.
It's highly resistant and elastic both. It's obtained from the division of tissue layers that form the intern structure of conventional, agricultural and industrial tires.



We produce carrycots for farmery and gardening, in different dimensions and capacities. There are made of textile canvas of tire extracted on 4 layers, between 4 to 6 mm. There are obtained from conventional, lorry, agricultural and industrial.


Is used as a superficial padding in garden areas. Is an inorganic material which retains humidity.
It's produced with all resultant remains of stamped of our soles, in this way we try to make the most with all tire parts.


To guide and tutor trees in their growth. Made with textile canvas of 4 layers thick tires (between 4 and 6 mm) and 400 mm width.

-Other products

We also produce all type of stamped pieces for agricultural equipment components, rock removers, beach cleaners, almond peelers, hazelnut collectors,etc.


  • Sandal Top from Calçats Nagore
  • Textil canvas of tyre laminated sole
  • Bioworld Shoes
  •  Bioworld Shoes
  • Pisaverde shoes
  • Pisaverde shoes
  • Pisaverde shoes
  • Pisaverde shoes
  • Pisaverde shoes
  • Textile canvas of removed tyre
  • Textile canvas of removed tyre
  • Textile canvas of lateral of farm and laminated industry
  • Tiracort
  • Tiracort of 40 and 60 m.m.
  • Mulch
  • Carrycots