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Tot Goma is a reference company manufacturyng shoe soles and items for footwear and upholstery industry, always using as the only raw material used tire recovered.

Our company is making this activity for more than 60 years. Actually we are the only national manufacturer of this type of soles. Our soles and other items are made satisfying strict quality rules in all manufacturing process.

Our company, commited since the beggining to the ecology and care and conservation of the environment, only use as the only raw material for all items that produce, authentic used tire recovered or from the remains of fabrication, contributing in the reduction and subsequent use of this type of residue, to give them a second utility.

Below is a selection of our clients:

>> Calçats Nagore             >> Avarcas Riudavets

>> Avarcas Castell              >> Calçats Ria 

>> Calzados Pisaverde     >> Calzados Bioworld Shoes

>> Calzados Nae-vegan